module profibus 750 -375 WAGO

Fieldbus Coupler PROFINET IO; 3rd Generation; Advanced

Item no: 750-375

The 750-375 Fieldbus Coupler connects the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 to PROFINET IO (open,
real-time industrial ETHERNET automation standard). The coupler identifies the connected ... I/O
modules and creates local process images for maximum two IO controllers and one IO supervisor
according to preset configurations. The process images may include a mixed arrangement of
analog, digital or specialty modules. Analog and specialty module data is sent via words and/or
bytes; digital data is sent bit by bit.

The fieldbus coupler operates as an IO device in the network. It features an integrated 2-port
switch, simplifying the creation of a line structure without additional network components.

The device name can be assigned via DCP protocol or set via DIP switch.

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